We help people perform at their best. More often.


Impact Human Performance is a training solution, grounded in the latest behavioral science, focused on elevating human performance.
We enable organizations to replace uncertainty with purpose, fatigue with energy and fear with resilience.


Humans elevating human performance

Nick Propper

Chief Executive Officer

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Nick Propper is an Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker and Change Agent dedicated to helping clients align purpose and potential to optimize performance.

Prior to co-founding Impact Human Performance, Nick was a leader at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. In this role, Nick was both a Performance Coach, guiding clients through high impact programming in the fields of Energy Management and Resilience, and the lead for the Professional Service Business Unit managing critical relationships with some of the world’s leading management consultancies, accounting and executive search firms and marketing services agencies.

Dr. Alexander Chriest

Chief Content Officer

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Alexander Chriest, Ed.D. is a renowned health and wellness expert, whose recent work focuses on resilience, sleep, and motivation. Alexander has an extensive academic career including a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Psychology.

Prior to co-founding Impact Human Performance, Alexander was a Performance Coach and Implementation Lead at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute where he drew on his comprehensive expertise, unparalleled insights and extensive research, providing optimal and innovative opportunities Institute-wide.

Bill Schmidt

Chief Commercial Officer

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Bill Schmidt is a world-class commercial leader with a track record of building deep, fully integrated and trusting relationships with clients. Bill’s success is underpinned by creating a genuinely customer centric approach to his work resulting in impactful performance outcomes for the clients he serves.

Prior to co-founding Impact Human Performance, Bill was the strategic lead for the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute’s commercial business unit helping solve complex human capital challenges for both the US Government and the Financial Service industry.

Dr. Kevin Kachin

Chief Innovation Officer

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Kevin Kachin, PhD. is a behavior scientist with a background in clinical psychology, neurolinguistic programming and executive coaching. He applies his expertise in ways that provide human beings with experiences wherein they gain greater connection with themselves and with others who matter most.

Prior to co-founding Impact Human Performance he served as Senior Program Implementation leader at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute. In this role, and throughout his professional journey, he has partnered with individuals and teams at all levels of organizations to develop human performance and leadership development programs grounded in behavior science.



Through experience, we transform information into knowledge and knowledge into growth.


Embark on a journey to clearly define and evolve your purpose and increase your ability to Master Moments™.


Extend beyond knowing and understanding concepts into being you at your best.


Engage in an interactive environment to learn from and support others who are experiencing similar pressures.
The science behind our solutions
The solutions are developed from the latest research in the areas of neuroscience, psychophysiology, performance psychology, exercise physiology and nutrition with the focus on elevating the ability of participants to Master Moments™ throughout their day. Traditional linear learning of information has been replaced with shorter sessions designed to enhance learning through the combination of content, storytelling and experiential activities.


The IMPACT™ Experience

The IMPACT Experience provides participants with an immersive understanding and experience of the Growth Process: Acknowledge, Think, Train, Grow. Learning and experiencing how growth is achieved through the Human Energy System: the interconnected system that consists of our Mind, Body, Spirit and Heart that drives performance and resilience.


Embark on a journey to evolve their individual purpose that guides their choices and behaviors to more effectively maximize their energy and human connection in any moment.
Experience the benefits of impactful movement and practical exercise and engage in a Growth process that provides them with the opportunity for experiential learning, self-reflection and social connection.
Gain greater awareness of how to optimize energy, recover more effectively from stress and anxiety while increasing the frequency of moments where they are being at their best.
Impact Human Performance were our first choice to bring invaluable insight and expertise to our senior leaders across multiple geographies. Their tailored approach to pairing cutting-edge research with practical coaching resulted in excellent feedback from our teams and proven benefits to their performance during these challenging times.
Chris O’Callaghan
Global L&D Director, Merlin Entertainments Limited

The Integer Group

IHP was the perfect partner to help translate a science-based understanding of stressors and energy recovery into applicable strategies
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United States Air Force

I would summarize this training as resilience for the future by being intentional now with your energy, priorities, and time.
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Beam Suntory

I can’t speak highly enough of the coaching sessions Nick conducted with our team. Nick combined good science and practical applications in
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